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If you are interested in learning to dive then we have 3 options that will allow you to earn your SSI Open Water Certification. Check out our 3 Options.
Northeast Scuba has a wide variety of diving classes from the beginner course through advanced training. Check out our schedule as well as details on the various courses. 
Recreational Scuba Courses: 
For Massachusetts Scuba, call Northeast Scuba!
If you are interested in learning how to dive or maybe continuing your own diving education? Northeast Scuba can meet your Boston scuba needs and busy schedule. We have classes for the beginner all the way through instructor and instructor specialty courses. We offer over thirty different snorkeling and diving programs. 

The SSI Open Water course is the first course beginners take. You learn about dive theory, what equipment is needed and basic scuba skills for the new diver. Open water dives allow you to demonstrate your newly learned skills in an open water environment as well as show off your skills as you dive for fun.

Many of Northeast Scuba's customers plan vacation getaways year round and would like to earn their Open Water certification while at their resort. Our Referral Program allows you to complete the academic and pool training sessions here and the four open water dives at your destination of choice. Check out the details on our Open Water Referral page.

Not sure about learning scuba? Sign up for our "Try Scuba" program and receive classroom and pool instruction. You will be in the water before you know it, breathing underwater!

Once you've completed your Open Water course, don't stop learning. The next course to consider is the Advanced Adventurer Open Water program. In this class, you'll be exposed to new diving environments and skills.

Continuing your scuba education: Your Open Water course will open the doors of underwater exploration for you.Whether your interests lie in capturing marine life images through underwater photography, exploring wrecks, learning about the life in our marine environment, or traveling to exotic places for more underwater thrills, Northeast Scuba can help you with your diving interests through our extensive Continuing Education offerings. Check out the  courses we offer and see which ones might satisfy your need for more scuba adventure!
Specialy Diver Programs:
We offer the following New England scuba classes on a regular basis. See the schedule for the next class dates. Call to reserve your space in our next continuing 
education course. The same Massachusetts scuba courses are available as SSI Instructor Specialties:

  • Underwater Videography
  • Boat Diver

Technical Diving
Northeast Scuba is pleased to offer a number of Technical Diving courses. These are advanced courses. Please read "Is Technical Diving For You?" and then look over the course descriptions to see if this is something you would like to pursue.

Technical diving opens up an area of exploration beyond the 130 foot recreational, no-decompression limits you have experienced so far. Maybe you want to extend a dive, not necessarily by going deeper, but by staying past the no-decompression limits of your dive planner or dive computer. Technical diving courses will teach you "how to" plan and execute such dives. Maybe there are wrecks or reefs below the 130 foot barrier you want to see. With proper training and dive planning you will be able to visit these wrecks or reefs and tell your friends about the experience.

Technical diving isn't for everyone but for those who can step up to the challenge and broaden their diving knowledge and increase their diving skills, then technical diving may be for them. 
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